Secure Rempte Access

Secure Remote Access for Condition Monitoring and Control

Engineers, field technicians and fleet operators use the integrated mobile remote access functionality of RAR4 Transport Computers to securely and remotely monitor and control rolling stock in order to supervise operation, log data during all operational phases, minimize maintenance costs and optimize energy

Our Solution

  • Works over all wired or wireless networks
  • Easy to integrate, no VPN
  • Remote Device Management

Access to any System, anywhere, at any time

Using our solution, connecting to rolling stock is easy, wherever it may be. We provide worldwide SIM cards. It is possible to connect to systems, such as older PLCs, which have reviously proven unconnectable because of peculiarities in networking. Due to our experience with the solution and the RAR plugin system, we can work with such systems.

Certified and Mature Solution

The remote access solution which is used with RAR routers is mature and security certified. Since it is has been used and tested with major machine builders all over the world, there is a lot of experience built-in, and the system is optimized for flexibility and ease of use.

Integrated with RAR Products

The remote acces solution is fully integrated as an option in RAR4 and new RAE transport computers. Users can control their software plugins and use the log tunnel functionality or just use the RAR/RAE devices as secure wireless routers. No handmade remote access and no cumbersome VPN over mobile networks is necessary.

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