Mobile QoS Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring to ensure your KPIs are met

  • Reduce maintenance effort and overhead
  • Find and resplve systemic issues in 24/7 applications
  • Optimize Energy Consumption

Mobile Network Connectivity is crucial for Realtime Control

With the advent of 5G networks, realtime control and data transmission get increased relevance. Mobile networks are evolving, and so is infrastructure. If you need to measure key performance indices of mobile connectivity together (or without) with mobile data router functionality, our solution will fit.

Data Logging and Reporting

  • Position and Time
  • Main cell and neighbor cell data
  • Activity over time / bandwidth
  • Current Latency (realtime)
  • Latency statistics (Histogramm, Jitter)

Core Components

  • Proven RAR4 mobile edge computing platform
  • A range of modems
  • Certified secure end-to-end encrypted data access

An extensible Solution

If you need specific data interfaces or extended functionality, we provide engineering and consulting services to find, implement and maintain an optimal solution for your application.

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