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With the advent of 5G, the ability to transmit data from a vehicle or machine in realtime with minimal latency is getting increasingly important. As one of the first companies having tested mobile 5G streaming out of vehicles, we can help you in order to get you where you need to go in terms of latency and bandwidth.

  • Perform initial latency measurements
  • Optimize codecs and provide computing infrastructure for local encoding or decoding/playback
  • Provide means to independently measure latencies and bandwidths over time in vehidles or machines using our QoS Measurement platform

Our offer

We offer Core Components for Realtime Video Streaming:

  • Powerful hardware platforms
  • Encoders and customizeable Streaming Hardware
  • Engineering to get you where you need to go with respect to your realtime requirements
  • Knowledge in Video Latency optimization / measurement

Rapid Development

With our RAR4 Edge Computing and Parabright Custom Information Display platforms, we offer an in-vehicle of in-Machine solution with minimal cost and effort.

We provide engineering and consulting services to find, implement and maintain an optimal solution for your application.

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