Wireless realtime sensor data processing

Infrastructure Sensor-to-Cloud Solutions

  • Sensor technology, edge computing and wireless gateway/router in one device.
  • Real-time transmission via IP networks and wireless connections

Mobile network connectivity is critical for real-time control

With the emergence of 5G networks, real-time control and data transmission take on increased relevance. Mobile networks are evolving, as is the infrastructure. When data from local sensor networks needs to be transmitted to the cloud with the deepest latency along with QoS data from the cellular network, our solution is suitable.

Extremely scalable “sensor-to-cloud” solution with edge computing.

  • Customised sensor interfaces and internal sensors
  • Standard baseboard with compliance
  • Complete system monitoring in the base system, operation even without CPU
  • Dual SIM LTE connectivity
  • High Performance GNSS with IMU
  • Scalable CPUs (1-4 ARM Cortex-A processor cores)
  • Flexible power supply concepts (battery up to 110V railway power supply and redundancy)


  • Railway Crossings
  • People Safety on Bridges
  • Energy and Temperature Monitoring

Core components

  • Proven RAR4 platform for Ethernet-to-Cloud functionality
  • ALGOL platform for sensor-to-cloud with or without edge computing
  • MCOM LPWAN sensor interfaces with local or external LoRaWAN connectivity or NB-IoT
  • Certified and end-to-end encrypted data access

An expandable solution

Our systems are specifically designed to be equipped with customised sensors and interfaces. Contact us to find an optimal solution for your application.

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