Gaz Stations

Networked Information Displays

We offer customized display solutions for applications where standard solutions don’t fit the bill. Our full outdoor panels are extremely durable and feature a wide viewing angle.**

Where the Solution fits

  • Gaz Stations
  • Factories
  • Industry 4.0 Dashboard
  • Integrated IoT Sensor Hub / GSM Router
  • ATEX variants are possible

Our offer

  • Custom size AOT liquid bonded full outdoor LCD panels
  • Modular Media Player and display driver hardware
  • Mobile Data Routers with streaming capability
  • Electrical and Software Engineering for custom solutions
  • Mechanical Engineering for mounting and protection

Rapid Development

With our RAR4 Edge Computing and Parabright Custom Information Display platforms, we offer solutions with minimal cost and effort. We provide engineering and consulting services to find, implement and maintain an optimal solution for your application.

Interested in this Solution?

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