Available Services

Parabright Base Unit

Networked information systems require intelligent Information Displays.

These high quality, rugged and power efficient smart displays collect their information themselves and present it in full HD resolution. As part of a comprehensive overall solution, they minimize their data consumption for cost-efficient operation even at remote locations.


  • Intelligent display with integrated Dual Core ARM processor
  • Sunlight readable Outdoor Display (up to 1600 nits) with LED Backlight
  • Resolution up to Full HD (1080p), with two-sided execution of the same or different image content per page
  • Indoor or outdoor operation (up to IP54), highly stable and easy to clean (no dirt edges)
  • Various mounting options
  • Redundant ventilation / Parametric Dust Control functionality
  • 100% remote serviceable, hardware very easily accessible for the service
  • Luminous intensity adapted to the environment
  • Interfaces: Ethernet / Serial Port / USB (call us for other options)
  • Connected to Parametric Management System, seamless monitoring of all important hardware parameters
  • Easy access to device data from the user application
  • Compatible with several content management platforms (call us for options)
  • Developed, produced and services in Switzerland


  • Housing material and colour (aluminium or steel), anodized or powder-coated in RAL colour
  • Different housing depths
  • Display size and type (indoor/outdoor) from 15” - 21.5”, larger/smaller on request
  • Mounting top/bottom/left/right/rear (for one-sided displays)
  • 1 or 2 LCD Panels (Back to Back)
  • Redundant power supply
  • Indoor or outdoor operation
  • Integrated cameras / motion detectors / radar / 3D TOF camera (+ connection for external devices)
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Glass screwed or glued / Bonded at the edge or over the entire surface
  • Digital I/O / RS485 / WiFi / Bluetooth / CAN / LoRaTM interfaces