Parametric SDS is online!

Parametric SDS has started as a new Brand

After several years in which Parametric GmbH has grown and diversified its offering, it is time to focus more on specific solutions.

Parametric SDS as a new brand of Parametric GmbH stands for our ultra-scalable monitoring and control solutions for vehicles (trains, buses, trams, commercial vehicles) and infrastructure. In addition to the existing and successful business with our RAR4 Transport Computers, we are now using an extremely scalable “Sensor-to-Cloud” approach, which allows us to respond flexibly to customer requirements and still deploy stable and standardised monitoring and control systems with the shortest lead times. For this purpose, we offer highly expandable basic systems, which we like to compare with Swiss watch movement. A stable, adaptable basis and easy-to-implement extensions save our customers time, as they do not have to deal with development outside their actual innovation.

There’s more to come, stay tuned.