First Decade - Been there, done that.

Journey of Parametric GmbH

Here it is, our 10th anniversary. Towards the end of September 2011, I bought a new laptop and a proper soldering iron and set out to swap a well-paid job in the technical management of a larger corporation for the uncertain future in my own company, and to take full and undivided responsibility for further professional advancement myself. Now 10 years have passed and the one-man engineering startup with a 23 square meter office has become a well known and established company with two locations, an awesome, highly motivated, well trained and flexible staff, a worldwide partner network and technologically extremely advanced products, which we deliver to customers with very high demands on simplicity and quality. You can find our systems in trains, buses on gas stations, beaches, mountain regions, cities, parking garages and many other places, on all continents of the world.

TCR_HSS measuring traffic

Even after 10 years, one thing has not changed: We’re not here to be the office jockeys - We’re the ones on the front lines, in the luminous vests, solving the customer’s problems, climbing bridge structures to mount sensors, sending camera images from locomotives in real time over 4G and 5G networks on the track field, configuring radar object counters at intersections or in remote mountainous areas, or mounting rugged full HD wireless screens at petrol pump stations.

Mounting a TCR sensor in Ireland

Andreas at work

Based on our experience with products in challenging environmental conditions, we have now also differentiated our offering in such a way that, in addition to engineering services and proprietary products, we also offer the repair, modification and upgrading of existing electronic systems in larger quantities in our Maintenance Center - “Repair and modify instead of throwing away” for a sustainable future.

Maintenance Center

Especially in the last few years, life as a founder in a technology company, which also deals with self-developed high performance hardware and all what comes with it, from supply chain to standards compliance and certification, has become even more challenging. In a rather conservative thinking company like ours, with very experienced people at the helm - basically every franc that is spent wants to be earned first, which ultimately leads to highest possible efficiency. In this context, the investments in the development of technology and the current bunkering of electronic components are not exactly conducive. Nevertheless, we have done consistently well over the last 10 years. We are experienced, well positioned and a continued exciting future awaits us.

I owe a big thank you to our outstanding team, our worldwide partners and our valued customers for the good cooperation - we look forward to working with you for the next 10 years!